Takeaways from VideoNuze Shift 2016

Dvir Doron
By Dvir Doron on December 6, 2016
  Cedato's Dvir Doron at VideoNuze Shift panel "One of the key takeaways from this year's summit was the consensus around how complex the programmatic video landscape has become. Making the best of it requires a multi-tier approach, combining direct deals, smart use of private ... Read More

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The Road to Programmatic Native Video

By admin on July 6, 2016
Remember those days when programmatic and native video inhabited two separate sides of the planet? Well, technology is finally bridging the gap. Finally, we’re able to integrate a programmatic process with native video Read More

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VideoNuze Ad Summit - The Road Ahead for Programmatic Video and TV

Dvir Doron
By Dvir Doron on June 15, 2016
The 6th annual VideoNuze Ad Summit, sponsored by Cedato was a huge success. CEO and founder Ron Dick shared his insights on The Road Ahead for Programmatic Video and TV and the big opportunities it entails. Ron reached out to over 450 industry leading participants during a panel ... Read More

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