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Making Sense of Video Header Bidding

Dvir Doron
By Dvir Doron on February 23, 2017
A guide to the evolution of modern programmatic video Read More

Tags: ad-tech, Blog, header bidding, monetization, native video, video, video header bidding

How does your programmatic video technology stack up?

Ron Dick
By Ron Dick on February 2, 2017
Part 1 in our series of key issues for building your video tech-stack In our programmatic video series we compiled for you a host of setup and run issues to consider when planning and assembling a video ad-tech stack.  Our goal is to navigate you through the process, simplify it ... Read More

Tags: Programmatic tech stack, Blog, header bidding, Programmatic Video, video header bidding, programmatic video technology, programmatic technology stack, video tech stack

Takeaways from VideoNuze Shift 2016

Dvir Doron
By Dvir Doron on December 6, 2016
  Cedato's Dvir Doron at VideoNuze Shift panel "One of the key takeaways from this year's summit was the consensus around how complex the programmatic video landscape has become. Making the best of it requires a multi-tier approach, combining direct deals, smart use of private ... Read More

Tags: Blog, cedato, Dvir Doron, header bidding, Programmatic Video, Shift, video advertising, video header bidding, videonuze

5 Key Video Advertising Trends to Shape 2017

Dvir Doron
By Dvir Doron on October 31, 2016
Video will remain the fastest growing segment of digital advertising. Cedato presents the key trends set to impact this massive industry in the coming year. Read More

Tags: Blog, Cross-channel, cross-screen, header bidding, innovation, mobile video, native video, outstream, programmatic, saas, TV, video, video advertising, video header bidding, VR

Post Dmexco insights

Dvir Doron
By Dvir Doron on September 21, 2016
Dmexco - the Mecca of ad-tech, rose like the Phoenix and disappeared after two days of media and marketing madness. Over 50,000 executives, marketers and techies raided Cologne, Germany, to pitch, connect and discover the latest and greatest in digital marketing and advertising. ... Read More

Tags: ad-tech, Blog, dmexco, header bidding, in-content, monetization, native video, video, video header bidding

The Road to Dmexco – Part 3

By admin on September 14, 2016
What has header bidding got to do with it? Outstream video advertising, known also as in-content or in-article, is trending heavily these days. Its popularity can be attributed to the seamless viewer experience, the contextual opportunity and its ability to generate revenue ... Read More

Tags: bidding, Blog, buffering, cedato, cpm, cpv, dmexco, forrester, header bidding, in-content, inventory, latency, mobile video, native video, outstream, pre-roll, programmatic, revenue, technology, video, video header bidding, viewer experience

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