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Introducing Cedato's Open Video API and Native Showcase

By admin on June 8, 2016
The Open Video API, combined with our unique hybrid video header bidding technology, creates new native video viewing experiences and draws the utmost value from every impression
A couple of months ago we opened our smart video player for 3rd party development with a powerful programming interface. The new interface makes it possible to control player initiation, behavior and a whole lot more. Today, we are officially launching our Open Video API  as a means to rapidly develop native video advertising experiences. It also introduces innovative ways to engage with viewers, maximize video inventory, boost engagement and improve results.
The new API was designed to enable our partners and customers to quickly build an entire new range of high quality native outstream video products.  It comes with all the necessary building blocks for customizing engaging advertising experiences that are fully responsive across any desktop or mobile device, screen and operating system. Read the full announcement>>
Additionally, we introduced a new native video showcase displaying high-viewability formats that were built with the Cedato Open Video API. The showcase features In-content, Masthead, Expandable, Persistent, Parallax, Sidebar, Interstitial and Corner ads. It was designed to demonstrate how easy it is to create and deploy new native video ad units within content and feeds, using the Cedato Open Video API. View the full native video showcase.
Finally, native video ads across the industry, are increasingly being weaved into viewers’ content consumption experience. The placement of video inside content feeds poses an even greater monetization challenge than linear or in-display video ads. The stakes are higher here because viewers are far more sensitive and far less tolerant to latency hitches and delays in video playback.
Cedato’s Open Video API native ad units are powered by our predictive yield optimization technology which harnesses our unique hybrid video header bidding engine to minimize client- side latency. We’ll expand on the technology in future posts.

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