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How does your programmatic video technology stack up?

Ron Dick
By Ron Dick on February 2, 2017
Part 1 in our series of key issues for building your video tech-stack In our programmatic video series we compiled for you a host of setup and run issues to consider when planning and assembling a video ad-tech stack.  Our goal is to navigate you through the process, simplify it ... Read More

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5 advantages of Ad-tech on SaaS vs. Rev. Share

Ron Dick
By Ron Dick on January 11, 2017
In a media announcement released in December, the ANA (Association of National Advertisers) declared that this year’s marketing word of the year, as chosen by its members, is… (drum roll)… TRANSPARENCY!  Transparency, or the lack of it, was abuzz across the media community, from ... Read More

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Cedato Dinner-Cruise Mixer – What a Blast!

Ron Dick
By Ron Dick on June 15, 2016
The Cedato Cruise Mixer, staged across the banks of New York in a grand yacht, was hailed a huge success. Read More

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