Will IAB Propel Vast 4.0 Into Mass Adoption?

Debbie Meltzer
By Debbie Meltzer on November 29, 2016
Will mass deployment of VAST 4.0 edge us closer to broadcast standards? Is this the ‘quantum leap’ we’ve been waiting for? Will the complexities crippling video disappear? And are we on the way to an improved eco-system? Read More

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What Happened at Video Advertising Trends 2017 Conference?

Dvir Doron
By Dvir Doron on November 17, 2016
Our very own Dvir Doron, CMO, Cedato shared his 2017 industry predictions and insights with some 300 attendees in the audience.This week our team at Cedato attended Video Trends 2017 in downtown Tel Aviv. Being a video technology hub, there was an impressive turn-out of young ... Read More

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